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Wholesale Milka Chocolate

If you are interested in buying Wholesale Milka Chocolate at bulk prices, then you are at the right place! You can buy wholesale Milka from us. This is a great opportunity to acquire any quantity of goods at the lowest price.

For many years the Swiss manufacturers have delighted chocolate lovers with their variety. Completely different flavors, with added fruits, nuts or coconut. In addition, the taste of the treat cannot be compared with anything – it is distinguished by its tenderness. It is preferred from almost every corner of the world. And, although, the cost of this chocolate is still higher compared to others, you can buy Milka wholesale at a lower price.

Bulk Buy Milka

You can order a mixed container load or pallet of this tasty chocolate in various weight and forms. If you are looking for a faster order procession and delivery of Milka chocolate, look no further.

Available Sizes: 35g, 43g, 50g, 75g, 80g, 87g, 100g, 128g, 147g, 200g, 300g, 350g

Variations: Hazelnuts, Raisins – Hazelnuts, Triolade, Toffee & Whole nut, Crispy – Joghourt, Milk Cherry, Caramel, Milkinis, Raspberry, Strawberry – Joghurt, Choco Jaffa, Alpine milk, choco wafer.


Milka Cake & Choc 175g


Milka Choco Chunks 140g


Milka Choco Sticks 112g


Milka Choco Wafer


Milka XL Cookies Choco 184g


Milka XL Cookies Nut 184g

Note: Not all products in this category are listed above. Do contact us for more details, Quote and also for our product catalogue.

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