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Wholesale Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Supplier

The wholesale Ferrero Rocher chocolate candy sold by Bulk Confectionery Suppliers comes in dark, milk and white chocolate. They’re made from ingredients including sugar, milk, cocoa powder and artificial coloring, with a touch of hazelnut added in. The 1646 Ferrero Rocher candy factories around the world sometimes change one or two ingredients to make their version more sweet or bitter. Some chocolate candies come in gold, black or white tin foil to distinguish the flavor under the label “truffles”. Others are sold in colorful wrappers and bags under the name “Chocolate Bites”. About 2% % of these are chocolate, 1%% are paper boxes, and 1%% are fresh pomegranates.

With nuts and dark cocoa, these chocolate makes for a quick and delicious snack and can stay on your shelf for over a year. Each of this candy is decadent, creamy and crunchy, making it a satisfying gift at any time. You can order wholesale Ferrero Rocher candy in bulk. A dark chocolate box can be square or heart-shaped with the company logo. The box can also be custom-made in colors including blue or gold and black.

Whether you prefer the sweet, the salty or the bitter, has the right flavor candy combo for you. We have a collection Ferrero Chocolate products; Rocher T16, Rocher T30, Ferrero Collection T24, Rocher T3, Rocher Diamante 300g


Ferrero Rocher T16


Ferrero Rocher T24


Ferrero Rocher T3


Ferrero Rocher T30

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